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According to many art authorities, collage used as a technique in the creation of artwork did not gain prominence until the early 20th century when the term was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso to refer to a distinctive form of modern art. Collages may include such items as newspaper clippings, colored ribbons, bits of colored or decorative paper, photographs, and in this case, whole or partial pieces of postage stamps glued to a paper backing or canvas.

Considered by many to be an art form novelty, a variety of different techniques may be seen in the creation of artistic collages. In the artwork pieces displayed on these pages, you will find painstaking attention to detail as the artist uses tiny pieces of actual U.S. and International postage stamps to create beautiful and unique interpretations of his subject matter. Upon closer examination, many of the pieces include expressions of the artist's opinions and commentary on the subject by the manner in which the content is assembled and portrayed. An excellent example of that artistic commentary may be found in the piece entitled Liberty Bell.

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